Welcome to Hello Dolphin… [part one]

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Many people dream of swimming with dolphins. Few have the chance to swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. I was actually lucky to do so. several years ago I hooked up with a documentary group out of Miami, to film and swim with the Atlantic Spotted Bottled-Nosed Dolphins. I never thought I would ever be one of the people who would have the opportunity to swim with Atlantic Spotted Bottled-Nosed Dolphins. These dolphins have an amazing ability to target individuals who are sick and are more adept at helping children who are sick. I was lucky enough to be one of seven individuals chosen to swim with these dolphins and document their amazing ability. The adventure started, with me flying from Nassau, bahamas to Miami, Florida to meet David and Sara, the two producers of the documentary. There was also a German crew that would be tagging along, but our accomodations were not as nice as theirs. They were staying on a yacht, while the rest of us were staying a (60) foot, trawling boat, and our Captain’s name was Gene. He, had definitely spent way to much time at sea. He was convinced that there was a conspiracy to by the, then Bush Administraion to take over the world. Little did we know at the time that he was right.

Gene was roughly 6’3″ and resembled Grizzly Adams but with dark brown hair. His teeth were brown from the Tobbaco chew. His hands were big and rough, but he had an infectious laugh and a welcoming smile. I met the crew for the documentary at their headquarters and was then taken for dinner after we picked up the remaining cast. The players were Myself, Zoe (whose father was an Ambassador in the Bush Administration to Mexico), Hayden (the youngest member and her parents Lori and Bill) Travis (a young kid whose father was the General Manager of a hotel in Coconut Grove, Florida), Yoko and her brother Henry Takarada (from Miami, Florida), A Japanese Journalist from New York,
Stephen Mueller from Germany….

>> to be continued / the crew


Who Am I??? and Why???

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My name is Elgatha Lee, I am known as Chef Apple. I am the creator of TheCrackedApple.com. I was born in Nassau, which is in the Bahamas and I am what you would call a workaholic. I have to constantly be doing something, I always have to be busy. It drives my husband crazy. I reside in Baltimore with the love of my life, who does not wish to appear here. I’m almost (30) and my biological clock is driving me absolutely mad. I decided to write this – i guess – life journal, so that I could vent, rant and document all things important to me.


I love beautiful things. Design, photography, art, rocks, flowers, landscapes, buildings, people, plate design.

I love reading. I am soooooo looking forward to the new and last Harry Potter installment “the Deathly Hollows” I’m really excited.

I try to keep healthy, but it is so damn hard when I’m around food all the time. I get such a rush from experimenting with food and recipes.

I enjoy crafty designy things. Painting, printing, illustrating, drawing.

Right now, I live in the city and I am trying to grow my own veges and herbs. Cooking with natural and organic products, makes my palms sweat, I LOVE IT! I love supporting local businesses and produce in Baltimore.

I’m a bit obsessed about shopping, especially cook books, I’ve amassed a small library of 150 cook books. I love going out – when I get a chance – I also love an occasional trip to watch movies. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than sitting in front of TV, eating take-out, watching TV. I’m a home girl at heart. I love Law and Order, CSI, Dexter and Weeds.

Basically, I strive to live a balanced life. Do I succeed? Sometimes , No.


I have one older sister and one younger brother and four nieces.

I can’t speak Chinese! But, I can speak Spanish, Italian and French. I’ve lived in Franch, Italy, The Dominican Republic and on a sailboat. I’ve crosed the Atlantic by sailboat and was the youngest Bahamian to ever do so. I was also the youngest Ambassador for the Bahamas to Italy for the Centennial of Christopher Columbus in 1992 at the Expo in Genoa, Italy. I’ve swam with and studied the migration of the North Atlantic Humpback Whales, I’ve also swam with the Atlantic Spotted Bottle-Nosed Dolphins. I’ve made two documentaries about the Humpback and the dolphins.

I’m a Catholic. Roman – Catholic. I reckon that God is cool, loving, down-to-earth and has an awesome sense of humour. Sometimes I feel like he’s forgotten about me and then there’s a little glimmer of hope. I still think that God is a kid with a magnifying glass.

I played the alto saxophone and the cello in school.

I’ve worked for Disney Cruise Line and was apart of the Inaugural opening of the Disney Cruise Line Company. As a crew member of Disney Cruise Line, I started the Crew for Crew Committee and Crew Welfare Manager, I was also the Editor of the Crews Newsletter. I’ve also worked for Sun International’s Resort and Casino and was also apart of the Inaugural opening of Sun International’s Resort and Casino

I enjoy perving on guys. Being married, I feel somewhat excused for my shameful social behaviour.

I’d like to sail around the world with the love of my life one day.
Music : I’m to lazy to type them all in so I’ll say that my tastes are very ecclectic, but I will say that I am totally digging Amy Winehouse right now.

My Mouth : I will tell anyone what I think if they ask me. I don’t mince words and I freely admit to not having a filter.

That’s about it…..